VT-XD12 High Resilient / Elastic Multi-functional Sports Insole

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VT-XD-12 High Elastic Sports Insole ( Highly Resilient Sports Insole;. Multi-functional sports insoles with comfort, shock absorption, stability and anti-slip features.)

1. Moisture - Wicking Air Holes Discharge moisture rapidly to keep feet dry and comfortable.
2. Ripple - Typed Buffer Structure Front-foot of the shoes are designed with continuous interval of rippled form, and the appear-ance is designed according to the curve of foot, with Buffer form filled into the rippled form to provide soft and stress-releasing feeling
3. Enhanced arch support - The arch support is optimized to provide the midfoot with better spport.
4. Arch design based on ergonomics - The design stimulates the arch from real man's feet to cover the bottom of feet even more comprehensively.
5. ENERGYMAX3.0 - Full length design with ENERGYMAX3 0 high elastic materials, reflect high comfort foot feeling.

Product Specifications

Material: ENERGYMAX 3.0