The Cappella Story

We believe in giving back

Established in 2019, Cappella Sports has swiftly become a prominent player in the world of badminton game, serving as the official distributor for renowned brands such as FZ Forza, Victor, Kawasaki and Adidas.However, our commitment transcends the realm of commerce; it is a dedicated endeavour to not only facilitate the availability of top-tier sporting gear but also to actively contribute to the growth of badminton enthusiasts and the nurturing of young talent within our community.

Our core mission lies with a passionate commitment in ensuring that every athlete, regardless of their skill level, possesses access to the finest gear available in the market. Central to this commitment is our outreach program, strategically designed to sponsor junior players. Through this initiative, we provide these aspiring athletes with invaluable opportunities to hone their skills and elevate their visibility on the national stage. Cappella Sports is not merely a store; we are a catalyst for the development of future badminton stars.

An integral facet of our corporate values is rooted in the belief that premium sporting gear should be accessible to everyone on equitable terms. In pursuit of this principle, we have embarked on a significant mission – the standardisation of prices across all platforms. Whether you opt for a direct purchase through our official website or choose a retailer store or ecommerce platforms (amazon & flipkart) Cappella Sports guarantees a consistent pricing model for FZ Forza, Victor, Adidas, and Kawasaki Badminton gear.

We invite you to align with us in the pursuit of excellence on the badminton court. Cappella Sports stands not only as a seller of sporting goods but as your unwavering partner, dedicated to the empowerment of your game and the enrichment of the vibrant badminton community we collectively cherish.