VS-69 Soft Feeling Durability Badminton Racket String Pack of 2

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Price: ₹600 - ₹900
Type: Durable
Color: Red/Orange
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The Victor VS-69 Badminton String is a stunning mix of cutting-edge materials and technology for great court performance. This string has a high aspect ratio yarn on the surface that is paired with a high-elastic and wear-resistant nylon resin, delivering unrivaled durability and resilience throughout rigorous gameplay. The inner core is painstakingly created using high-strength nylon multifilament imported from Japan, expertly mixed with high-modulus PE yarn to ensure precise stretching and shaping. Improve your game with the Victor VS-69 Badminton String, which is designed to provide unrivaled power, control, and durability. Utilise sophisticated materials and technology to reach badminton brilliance with every shot.

Product Specifications

Material: Nylon
Size: 0.69mm
Length: 10m
Color: Red+Orange / Navy+Purple / Royal Blue+Blue
Feel: Soft Feeling
High Resilience: High
Durability: High
Control: High
Hitting Sound: Medium