Challenger 9500 Strung Badminton Racket

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Color: Blue
Weight: 4U
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Introducing the "VICTOR RACKET -CHA-9500-D-4U" Badminton Racket, the ultimate weapon for badminton warriors! This strung beauty is crafted from High Resilient Modulus Graphite, Nano Fortify TR, and HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY making it stronger than your morning coffee cravings. The shaft is a blend of Ultra High Modulus Graphite, Nano Fortify TR, and 7.0 SHAFT that adds a touch of magic to your shots. Weighing in at a feather-light of 4U (80-84 grams), it's like swinging a cloud on a stick!


The grip size is G5, perfectly designed to fit your hand like a glove... well, more like a superpowered gauntlet. With its heavy head and stiffness, this racket is as steady as a tightrope walker with an ironing board. It's armed with mind-blowing AERO-DIAMOND, HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY, PYROFIL, Nano Fortify TR, ULTRA CNF, and 7.0 SHAFT which are like having a ninja, a wizard, and a scientist in your racket. The strings give the shuttlecock a wild ride with a tension and length of 675 mm, it's like launching it into orbit. So, get ready to dominate the court with the "VICTOR RACKET -CHA-9500-D-4U" and send your opponents running for cover... or maybe just running for a good laugh! 

Product Specifications

Response: Medium
Weight / Grip Size:4U / G5
String tension LBS: ≦24 lbs
Frame Material:Graphite + Resin
Shaft Material:Graphite + Resin+6.8 SHAFT