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Tour 2000 Strung Badminton Racket - Black/Yellow

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Weight: 3U
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FZ FORZA, Europe's leading Badminton Brand headquartered in Denmark, offers top-notch rackets designed for exceptional gameplay. The perfect balance of our rackets ensures precise control during every match. Coupled with a flexible shaft, our rackets empower casual and recreational players to generate additional power on the court. These rackets are tailored to elevate the game of players below the elite or tournament level. Our commitment to innovation is evident in the use of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT), a cutting-edge technology that enhances durability and performance. Partnering with Aalborg University in Denmark, we integrate Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNT) into our rackets, resulting in superior strength and damage resistance. Additionally, our unique hexagon frame design minimizes air resistance and torsion, promoting quicker reactions, enhanced control, and increased power.
📌Frame: Crafted with advanced Carbon Nano Tubes for enhanced durability and power.

📌Shaft: Engineered from high-quality graphite for superior strength and control.

📌Weight / Grip Size: Balanced at 3U (85-89 grams) with a comfortable G5 grip size.

📌Balance: Maintains an even balance, offering stability and versatility on the court.

📌Flex: Exhibits a medium flex, providing a perfect blend of power and responsiveness.

📌String Tension: Adjustable between 24-28 lbs, catering to individual player preferences and styles.

Product Specifications

Frame: Carbon Nano Tubes
Shaft: Graphite
Weight / Grip Size: 3U (85-89) / G5
Balance: Even Balance
Flex: Medium
String Tension: 24-28 lbs
Made in Taiwan