Drivex DX-1L-V Strung Professional Badminton Racket

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Weight: 5U
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SEVEN SIX 76: The single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between strings, this effectively reduces tension loss, while extending string life.
AERO-HEX: Using aerodynamics technology to transform traditional hexagonal frame with better airflow-directing and air-cutting performance, further achieving incredible stability and the smoothness of swings.

Product Specifications

Frame Material: Graphite +Resin
Shaft Material : Graphite +Resin + 7.0 SHAFT
Stiffness: S○○○○●F
Weight / Grip Size : 5U/G5 , 6U/G6
String tension LBS 5U:≤24 lbs(10.5Kg), 6U:≤23 lbs(10Kg)