Kawasaki King N350S Nylon Shuttle - Yellow

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Speed: 75
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Tailored for badminton enthusiasts and training groups, our shuttlecocks offer exceptional durability and flight. Perfect for players who play frequently, these shuttles provide an extra durable option for rigorous training sessions. Explore our range, including the best feather shuttlecocks, best badminton shuttlecocks, and hybrid shuttlecocks, ensuring the perfect blend of quality and endurance. Play your game with the best shuttlecock for badminton, designed for enthusiasts seeking superior performance and durability


🏸Head Material: Crafted with full cork for optimal balance and precision in each shot, enhancing your badminton experience.
🏸Material: Designed with high-quality nylon, ensuring durability and resilience during prolonged play.
🏸Unit: Available in a convenient 1/2 dozen unit, providing ample shuttlecocks for your practice or game sessions.
🏸Speed: Tailored for a slow speed, making it the ideal choice for players seeking controlled and focused gameplay.
🏸Price: Explore our competitive shuttlecock price, offering affordability without compromising on quality, making it a valuable addition to your badminton gear collection.

Product Specifications

Head Material - Full Cork
Material- Nylon
Unit - 1/2 Doz
Speed - Slow