Kawasaki Kitbag KBB 8652

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Color: Gray
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Elevate your badminton experience with the 3D Calibar X racket, incorporating cutting-edge 3D Calibar Technology and a high-tech geometric frame design that minimizes air resistance, ensuring higher swing speeds and stronger smashes. Engineered with TB Nano, Aerotec Beam System, and MPCF Reinforcing technologies, this DRIVE series racket boasts a stiffer shaft and highly elastic head design for rapid repulsion power. Find the perfect badminton gear with the best badminton kit bag, racket cover, and accessories online from a top brand. Explore the convenience of a badminton backpack or kit bag with a shoe compartment, ideal for players who switch between offensive and defensive gameplay. Optimize your performance with the badminton kit bag – a reliable choice for enthusiasts seeking perfection in their game.

📌Material Marvel: Crafted from durable Dacron and Synthetic leather, our badminton bag guarantees longevity and style, ensuring a reliable companion for your badminton adventures.

📌Perfectly Proportioned: With dimensions measuring 75x31x22cm, this bag strikes the ideal balance between spaciousness and portability, accommodating up to 6 rackets effortlessly.

📌Chic Color Palette: Dressed in a sleek Gray hue, our badminton kit bag exudes sophistication, making a statement on and off the court with a color that complements your style.

📌Efficient Shoe Compartment: Experience convenience at its best with a dedicated shoe compartment, ensuring your footwear stays separate from your rackets, keeping them in top-notch condition.

Product Specifications

Material: Dacron+Synthetic leather
Size: 75x31x22cm
Capacity: 6 Pieces Rackets
Color: Gray / Blue