Kalkul A63.1 Badminton String

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Type: Power
Color: White
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The Adidas Kalkül A63.1 badminton string has a fine gauge of 0.63mm and is thin and accurate. This string gives outstanding precision on your shots, allowing you to get a better feel for the game. It is stretchy and produced in Japan. The string has the added benefit of being easy to guide shots with, as well as being accurate and strong. The white string has deceptive play, a spherical quad jacket, a compact multi-filament core, and an elastic PA mono filament. It provides maximum finesse and control for each stroke, letting you to experience the ultimate shuttle sensation for enhanced accuracy and precision.

Product Specifications

Length: 10m
Thickness: 0.63
Color: white
Composition: Spherical Quad jacket - Elastic PA Mono-Filament - Compact Multifilament Core - Sonic Skin