High Tension G30 Unstrung Badminton Racket

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Color: Green
Weight: 4U
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The High tension G30 Kawasaki Badminton Racket is a standout choice catering to players at every skill level. Specifically designed for professional, intermediate, and senior players, this Offensive Type racket boasts a heavy tip and hard rod, ensuring superior control during gameplay. The moderate racket hardness delivers an excellent hand feel, and players have the flexibility to customize the strings' diameter and tension for a truly personalized performance. The combination of a carbon fiber shaft and PU grip ensures unmatched strength and durability, making it the perfect companion for badminton competitions and training sessions. With a dynamic weight of 83g and a length of 67.5 cm, this racket achieves the ideal balance between power and precision. Step up your game with one of the best badminton rackets available in the market.

🏸Frame Material: Crafted from advanced 24T HIGH MODULUS GRAPHITE for exceptional durability and performance.

🏸Shaft Material: The shaft is constructed using 24T HIGH MODULUS GRAPHITE, ensuring a even balance of strength and flexibility.

🏸Tension: Adjustable tension ranging from 18-35 lbs, allowing players to customize their racket to suit their playing style.

🏸Weight: Designed as a 4U racket, providing a lightweight feel that enhances strong match and control on the court.

🏸Handle: G1 handle size, offering a comfortable grip suitable for players at all skill levels.

🏸Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge CARBON NANO TUBE technology for enhanced strength and stability. The racket is Head Heavy, providing added power to your shots.

🏸Stringing: Delivered unstrung, giving players the flexibility to choose the string that best suits their preferences.

Product Specifications

Frame: 24T high modulus graphite
Shaft: 24T High modulus Graphite
weight: 4U 80-84 Gm
Handle: G1
Tension: 18-35Lbs
Head Heavy Balance
Light Weight, Medial Shaft