Force F7 Unstrung Badminton Racket (Orange)

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Size: 3U
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Experience superior performance with the Kawasaki Badminton Racket ForElevate your game with the Kawasaki Badminton Racket Force F7 – the best badminton racket for superior performance. Featuring an easy-to-grip WOOD handle and a high-grade graphite frame, this affordable and reliable racket ensures durability with its box frame design. The innovative ABC technology enhances defensive play, making it a top choice for players at every level. Classified as a 4U racket, its lightweight construction allows players to handle noise effectively and work with ease. Show the powerful smashes with the Force F7, your go-to choice for the best smash racket in the game.
ce F7. The easy-to-grip WOOD handle and high-grade graphite frame make this racket both affordable and reliable. The box frame adds durability while the ABC technology offers improved defensive play. Additionally, The racket's light mode enables players to handle noise effectively and maneuver with ease.

🏸Shaft Material: Crafted with 30T High Modulus Graphite for optimal performance
🏸Frame Material: 30T High Modulus Graphite construction ensures durability
🏸Tension: Adjustable tension ranging from 18 to 30LBS for a personalized feel
🏸Weight: Weighing 84g+-2g, providing a lightweight yet powerful experience
🏸Adaptive Balance Handle: Comfortable G1 handle for versatile and even balance

Product Specifications

Shaft Material:30T High Modulus Graphite
Frame Material:30T High Modulus Graphite
Adaptive Balance