Firefox 5770 Unstrung Badminton Racket (Orange)

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Express the superior performance with the Firefox 5770, featuring a robust 24T Modulus carbon fiber frame and a potent 30T High Modulus carbon fiber rod. The G1 size handle guarantees a secure grip and an even balance, complemented by a strategically placed Balance Point at 289±3mm. Lightweight and compact, measuring 61.5 x 8.6 x 17.6 cm, this unstrung racket is a powerhouse on the court. Level up your game with one of the best badminton rackets, designed for players seeking durability, power, and precision smashes. Get ready to dominate – it's time for a winning game!

🏸Frame: Constructed with durable 24T Modulus carbon fiber for enhanced performance
🏸Rod: Employs powerful 30T High Modulus carbon fiber for durability and power
🏸Tension: Adjustable tension ranging from 18 to 26 lbs for a personalized feel
🏸Handle Size: G1 size ensures a secure grip and comfortable handling
🏸Balance Point: Positioned at 289±3mm for optimal even balance

Product Specifications

Frame:24T Modulus carbon fiber
Rod:30T High modulus carbon fiber
Tension:18-26 lbs
Handle Size:G1
Balance Point:289±3mm