Arrow Power 90 Strung Badminton Racket (Black)

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Weight: 3U
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This extraordinary  badminton racket from Victor Arrow Power offers the ideal blend of performance, comfort and sleek design. The racquet is designed to suit the needs of intermediate players who have a strong attack or serve. With its head light balance, it gives players maximum speed through fast swing mechanics, while maintaining excellent power and good stability.

On top of ARROW POWER’s outstanding forcefulness for attack, the series is now upgraded with a creative touch of vivid colors, allowing players to express their personal characteristics! 

Product Specifications

Frame Material: Graphite + Resin
Shaft Material: Graphite + Resin+6.8 SHAFT
Shaft Stiffness: Stiff | Balance: Head Light
String Tension: 3U-36lbs | 4U-33lbs
Weight/Grip Size: 3U(85-89.9gm) | 4U(80-84.9gm) / G5