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Aero Power 776 Strung Badminton Racket

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Weight: 3U
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Introducing the Aero Power 776 Badminton Racket, designed for effortless gameplay, especially for beginners. Crafted with a lightweight frame and equipped with an aerodynamic design, this racket ensures easy maneuverability on the court. The flexible shaft and medium balance offer added control and precision, making it ideal for players at lower to medium skill levels. Experience seamless gameplay with the Aero Power 776 Badminton Racket and elevate your performance today!

📌Frame: Constructed with 24T U-HM CNT Graphite for durability and performance.

📌Shaft: Features a 24T U-HM CNT Graphite shaft for enhanced stability and control.

📌Weight / Grip Size: Weighs 86gms with a G5 grip size for comfortable handling.

📌Balance: Equipped with an even balance distribution for improved maneuverability.

📌Flex: Offers a flexible shaft, allowing for smooth and controlled shots.

📌String Tension: Supports string tension of up to 28 lbs for powerful and accurate play.

Product Specifications

Frame: 24T U-HM CNT Graphite
Shaft: 24T U-HM CNT Graphite
Weight / Grip Size: 86gms / G5
Balance: Even Balance
Flex: Flexible
String Tension: 28 lbs
Made in Taiwan