A391 C All Around Badminton Shoes

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Size: UK 6
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The Victor A391 C is a mid-range badminton shoe designed for aspiring players who seek a balance of comfort, performance, and affordability. This shoe is equipped with advanced features to enhance your gameplay and provide long-lasting comfort.

The double layer pad combined with ENERGYMAX shock absorption and ENERGYMAX bound insole, can reduce impact of landing and increase rebound.

BRACE TEK technology provides more comfort and safety feeling to the foot, which gives more stability throughout the entire shoe.

Coping with the asterisk steps, the center is the rounded-shape design surrounded by triangular shapes. The radiation pattern provides more grip on the court during lateral and vertical movements. The small lump pattern distribution adds additional grip as the sensor and increases the grip.

Product Specifications

Sole: Rubber
Closure: Lace-Up
Outsole : Rubber
Upper : Double Mesh, P.U. Leather
Technology - Radiation, U-Shape 3.0 and Energymax