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Arch Support Insole, Olympian Blue

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Size: UK-4
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The Forza Insole - Arch Support insoles are intended for activities that use the entire foot and give forefoot and heel protection. To cushion shocks, the forefoot and heel contain liquid gel. They have gel pads at the heel and ball of the foot, as well as a low instep support. This product is available in the Olympian Blue hue.

  - 6% polyester
  - 12% PU foam with activated carbon
  - 57% EVA
  - 15% gel
  - 10% TPR (thermo-propylene rubber = rubber)

Product Specifications

Material: EVA foam
Type: Arch Support Insoles
Color: Olympian Blue
Pack of 2
Size: UK-4 TO UK 6
Foot Coverage: Whole foot
Protection: Forefoot and heel
Shock Absorption: Liquid gel in forefoot and heel
TPU Support: Molded TPU around arch and heel
Injury Reduction: Helps reduce trauma from large and repeated impacts
Customizable Fit: Cutting lines on back of sole
Suitable For: All kinds of sports and physical activities