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Science behind the rackets
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Science behind the rackets

The racket technology has changed a lot the past 25 years, and the advanced technology has contributed to more speed and power in badminton. This also means that the racket manufacturers have to make even better rackets and always improve our racket technology. It would not be possible to use the old wooden rackets in today’s speed and power game. The trend has moved towards lighter rackets bringing the required speed into the game. On the other hand it is important to maintain a certain weight in the frame to produce the power which is also very much needed on court.



Kevlar® is a very advanced material which combines great strength with light weight. The material is elastic and yet 5 times stronger than steel. Therefore, Kevlar® has a lot of uses and is used for bulletproof vests among other things. When FZ FORZA uses Kevlar® in combination with graphite in the rackets we can make light and extremely strong rackets with a lot of power. Kevlar® helps absorb the shock on impact, making the racket feel soft and comfortable which lets you generate more power.


Titanium is a very light and rigid material which is used to build space shuttles among other things. The combination of graphite and titanium increases the racket's durability and gives the racket increased control.


Slim Shaft

The slim shaft greatly reduces the air resistance when swinging and it greatly increases your swing speed but with less effort. The FZ FORZA slim shaft rebounds almost as fast as a conventional shaft, meaning that you get much more stability and accuracy, making it a Superior choice when you are looking for a slim shaft racket.

Carbon Nano Tubes

As we continue to improve our rackets and strive towards creating the best racket in the world, we continually research and develop new materials and ideas to take our rackets to the next level. Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) is based on extraordinary small scale advancements in the material construction. Thanks to our cooperation with Aalborg University in Denmark, FZ FORZA is able to introduce world-class rackets manufactured using polymer composite materials modified by Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNT). Thanks to the MWCNT technology your FZ FORZA racket has improved durability in comparison with conventional rackets. The polymer resin that binds the carbon fibers together will ensure toughness and damage tolerance.

Ultra High Modulus Graphite

This material is used to enhance the performance in our very best rackets. The ultra high modulus graphite is stronger and stiffer than ordinary graphite, creating rackets that have less torsion and more power. This will give you more accurate and powerful strokes.


Power Frame

The new innovative Power frame from FZ FORZA is a little wider at the top of the frame. An aerodynamic frame for great swing speed and the little wideness in the top gives you less torsion and extra power at impact.

Slim Frame

The slim frame is 12-18% thinner than conventional rackets. We achieve this by combining superior high grade materials and resins with our proprietary production methods to achieve a slimmer racket frame that moves faster through the air, without sacrificing power or torsion.

8:6 Frame

Combining the benefits of the hexa and octagon shape, this innovative shape gives you both increased strength in the racket, while being thinner on top. Decreased air-resistance combined with less torque makes this a precise, fast and durable weapon on court.

Hexagon Frame

FZ FORZA has developed a hexagon frame which is more narrow and stronger than usual. It gives reduced air resistance and less torsion. That means faster reactions, better control and more power.

Air Flow Frame

Our air flow frame reduces drag and air resistance during your stroke, enabling you to deliver more power and precision. Furthermore the more rigid 1-joint construction offers a much more stable frame with almost no torsion, allowing you to put the shuttle exactly where you want it.

Octagon Frame

FZ FORZA has developed an octagon frame which ensures that the airflows around the frame with greater ease, thus increasing your reaction time. The frame is also more narrow and stronger than usual reducing air resistance and providing torsion. The frame design is extra durable, making you play stronger for longer


The slightly oversized frame helps increase the sweet spot for easier shot-making and increased fun while playing. The racket is still light and the special shape of the oversize head means that you will still be able to generate lots of power. The future of oversize rackets has started here.

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