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Play Your Game with FZ FORZA Apparel
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Play Your Game with FZ FORZA Apparel

When it comes to badminton, having the right apparel can make all the difference in your performance. FZ FORZA is dedicated to providing top-quality, innovative, and sustainable sportswear for players of all levels. This commitment to excellence is reflected in every piece of apparel, from club wear to the Pro Player line. FZ FORZA gives value to both men and women in all gear. Explore the features that make FZ FORZA badminton apparel stand out and boost your game.

Confidence on the Court

Confidence begins with feeling good in what you wear. For this reason, FZ FORZA introduced the Pro Player line in 2022, specifically designed to meet the high standards of professional athletes. This line combines advanced technology with stylish design, ensuring players can perform at their best while looking great on the court.

Recycled Polyester: Eco-Friendly Innovation

Sustainable Style

The Pro Player collection, like the club apparel, is crafted from recycled polyester. This eco-friendly process begins with recycling plastic bottles, which are then crushed into small pieces, melted down into fibres, and spun into long polyester threads. These threads form the foundation of the FZ FORZA Pro Player apparel collection. By incorporating recycled materials, the environmental impact is significantly reduced while maintaining high standards of quality and style.

The Recycling Process

The journey from plastic bottles to premium sportswear is both fascinating and environmentally friendly. To begin with, plastic bottles are collected and cleaned to ensure no contamination interferes with the recycling process. The bottles are then shredded into small flakes, which are melted and extruded into fine polyester fibers. These fibers are spun into yarn, which is woven into fabric. This fabric forms the basis of the Pro Player apparel, offering durability, flexibility and comfort. 

Benefits of Recycled Polyester

Choosing recycled polyester not only helps reduce plastic waste but also conserves energy and natural resources. The production process uses less energy compared to virgin polyester and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By opting for recycled materials, a positive impact is made on the environment while providing high-quality, stylish sportswear.

High-Quality Clothing with Clear Danish Design

Innovation Meets Tradition

FZ FORZA apparel is known for its exceptional quality and distinct Danish design. The 2020-21 collections introduced new styles, including clubwear and the Mia Blichfeldt collab collection. Each piece is designed and innovated in Denmark, featuring contemporary designs and vibrant colours while staying true to the core DNA of FZ FORZA wears. This commitment to excellence ensures that every item looks great and performs at the highest level.

Our extraordinary Collections

Our collections showcased design skills and commitment to quality. From sophisticated club wear to the unique Mia Blichfeldt collaboration, each piece was crafted with attention to detail and a focus on performance. Bold colours and modern patterns brought a fresh look to classic designs, making them stand out on and off the court.

Key Features of FZ FORZA Apparel

Antistatic Technology

Static electricity can cause garments to stick to your body, which is annoying and distracting during gameplay. FZ FORZA fabrics are designed to prevent this issue, ensuring you stay comfortable and focused. To maintain this antistatic feature, it is recommended to avoid tumble-drying your garments.

Stretchable Comfort

Freedom of movement is crucial in badminton, and FZ FORZA fabrics are designed to provide the perfect amount of stretch. Whether through innovative knitting techniques or the addition of elastane, each garment fits comfortably and allows for a full range of motion. This balance of fit and flexibility ensures you can perform your best without restrictions.

Anti-Pilling Durability

Durability is essential in sportswear. FZ FORZA garments are made from fabrics either constructed to avoid pilling or treated with an anti-pilling process. Even after multiple washes, the fabric surface remains smooth and looks as good as new. This commitment to quality means your apparel will last longer and maintain its pristine appearance.

DRYFORZE: Ultimate Comfort Technology

Comfort is the key in sportswear, and FZ FORZA's unique Dryforze ensures maximum comfort during gameplay. This advanced technology makes the fabric perspiration-transporting, quick-drying, and incredibly pleasant to wear. Unlike other technologies that may lose effectiveness over time, Dryforze capabilities stay with your clothes for much longer, providing high breathability and a cool, comfortable feel throughout the game. With Dryforze, you stay focused and comfortable, no matter how intense the match gets.
The FZ FORZA collection embodies the perfect blend of innovation, style, and sustainability. The dedication to using recycled materials, high-quality Danish design, and advanced fabric technologies like Dryforze sets this apparel apart. Each piece offers unparalleled performance and comfort, helping players feel confident and perform their best on the court. Get ready to play your game with FZ FORZA’s premium badminton apparel, available at Cappella Sports. 
Stay confident, stay stylish, and play your best with FZ FORZA.
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