Thruster TK-815CL Strung Badminton Racket

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Weight: 5U
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Introducing the "VICTOR RACKETS TK-815CL-I-G5" Badminton Racket, the ultimate weapon for badminton warriors! This strung beauty is crafted from the High-Strength Aluminum Alloy making it stronger than your morning coffee cravings. The shaft is made up of High-Strength Aluminum Alloy that adds a touch of magic to your shots. Weighing in at a feather-light of 85-99 grams, it's like swinging a cloud on a stick! The grip size is G5, perfectly designed to fit your hand like a glove... well, more like a superpowered gauntlet. With its even-balanced head and flexibility, this racket is as steady as a tightrope walker with an ironing board. It's armed with mind-blowing AERO-DIAMOND, BOX Frame, Inner Wave, and T-Joint which are like having a ninja, a wizard, and a scientist in your racket.


The string give the shuttlecock a wild ride with a tension and length of 675 mm, it's like launching it into orbit. So, get ready to dominate the court with the "VICTOR RACKETS TK-815CL-I-G5" and send your opponents running for cover... or maybe just running for a good laugh!

Product Specifications

Shaft Material
Graphite + Resin

Frame Material

String tension LBS
H 20 lbs V 20 lbs

Weight / Grip Size
85- 95g / G5 (Strung)