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Lite 82 Strung Badminton Racket - Chinese Red

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Weight: 4U
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Introducing the Lite 82 G5 badminton racket, crafted for remarkable performance and power on the court. Engineered with carbon nano tubes, this racket boasts an exceptionally lightweight yet durable frame, ideal for swift and precise gameplay.

📌Lightweight Design: Weighing just 82 grams, this badminton racket is tailored for players who prefer lighter equipment, ideal for beginners and intermediate players seeking agility and control.

📌Even Balance: With an evenly distributed weight, this racket ensures a balanced feel during gameplay, accommodating players of all skill levels for effortless swings and maneuverability.

📌Graphite Shaft: The stiff graphite shaft enhances the racket's ability to deliver powerful smashes despite its lightweight construction, offering players a combination of speed and precision.

📌Maximum Tension: Capable of handling tensions between 24-28 lbs, with a recommended string tension of up to 26 lbs, providing versatility for players to adjust according to their preferences.

📌Versatile Suitability: Suited for beginners, intermediates, and junior players alike, thanks to its lightweight design, making it easy to handle and maneuver on the court.

Product Specifications

Weight: 4U (80-84)
Balance: Even Balance
Flex: Medium
Composition: Graphite and Carbon nanotubes
String Tension: 24-28 lbs
Grip Size: G5
Head Shape: Isometric
Strung: Yes
Color: Chinese red
Country of Origin: China