King Kong 700 Hybrid Feather Badminton Shuttlecock (12 Pieces)

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Speed: Speed 76
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📌Crafted from High-Quality Feathers: King Kong 700 Hybrid Shuttlecock is meticulously fashioned from premium-grade Duck feathers, ensuring superior flight stability and consistency for an exceptional badminton experience.
📌Precision Designed with Composite Cork: The shuttlecock's head is meticulously crafted with composite cork using advanced precision engineering techniques, delivering a perfect balance on the court for players to execute accurate and powerful shots effortlessly.
📌Designed for Longevity: King Kong 700 Hybrid Shuttlecock boasts exceptional durability, specifically designed to withstand rigorous play, ensuring a prolonged badminton journey without compromising performance.
📌Complete Package: Each purchase of King Kong 700 Hybrid Shuttlecock includes a set of 12 shuttles, providing players with a comprehensive package to fulfill their badminton needs, whether for practice sessions or competitive play.


Product Specifications

Feather Material: Duck feather
Skirt Material: Nylon
Head Material: Composite cork(softwood)
Durability: Good
Box Content: 12 shuttles
Model: 700
Name: King Kong Series