Fz Forza

HT Precision 72F Strung Badminton Racket

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Weight: 4U
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The FZ Forza Precision range is all 'bout intensive play with precision and manoeuvrability! This frame has integrated grommets for better air penetration, increasing power and precision. At 84g and manoeuvrable, the flex and well-balanced weight make it ideal for singles and doubles. The Air Flow Frame in the head reduces air resistance, providing faster returns. The reinforced T-Joint provides stability, enabling more precise shots. The Hexagon Frame geometry ensures low torsion for control and power. Durability and feel are improved with the 24T carbon structure and Carbon Nano Tubes.


Product Specifications

Frame:24T U-HM CNT Graphite
Shaft: 24T CNT U-HM
Weight / Grip Size: 4U (80-84) / G5
Balance: Even Balance
Flex: Medium
String Tension: 26-30lbs
Holes: 88