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Dynamic 6 Strung Badminton Racket - Bright Green

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Introducing the Dynamic 6 Sport badminton racket, meticulously crafted for players seeking an optimal blend of power, speed, and precision. Engineered with a high-quality steel shaft and a sturdy G5 grip, this racket offers unparalleled power without sacrificing control. Featuring an aluminum frame and robust steel shaft with a T-joint, it stands as a durable choice, particularly suited for beginners aiming to hone their skills. Experience the perfect synergy of power and control with Dynamic 6 Sport, the ideal companion for your badminton journey.

📌Effortless Accessibility: The Dynamic 6 Sport racket offers effortless accessibility with its user-friendly design. Its ergonomic structure ensures easy handling, allowing you to stay focused on your game without any interruptions. This racket is crafted for players who demand quick and seamless access to top performance.

📌Precision and Power: Experience unmatched precision and power with the Dynamic 6 Sport racket. Designed with advanced technology, this racket provides superior control and force, helping you deliver accurate shots and powerful smashes. 

📌Lightweight Agility: Play with agility and speed using the Dynamic 6 Sport racket. Its lightweight design ensures giving you an edge in fast-paced matches. Crafted for players who thrive on speed and agility, this racket enhances your ability to react swiftly and decisively.

📌Vibration Dampening: Enjoy a smoother playing experience with the Dynamic 6 Sport racket’s advanced vibration-dampening system. This feature reduces strain on your arm and wrist, allowing you to play longer with less fatigue. Perfect for extended practice sessions and intense matches alike.

📌Innovative Design: The Dynamic 6 Sport racket features an innovative design that combines functionality with aesthetics. Its sleek and modern look not only improves performance but also makes a stylish statement on the court.

Product Specifications

Frame: Aluminium
Shaft: Steel
Weight / Grip Size: 95g-105g / G5
Balance: Head Heavy
Flex: Stiff
String Tension: 16-20 lbs