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Dynamic 6 Strung Badminton Racket (Bright Green)

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Introducing the Dynamic 6 Sport badminton racket, meticulously crafted for players seeking an optimal blend of power, speed, and precision. Engineered with a high-quality steel shaft and a sturdy G5 grip, this racket offers unparalleled power without sacrificing control. Featuring an aluminum frame and robust steel shaft with a T-joint, it stands as a durable choice, particularly suited for beginners aiming to hone their skills. Experience the perfect synergy of power and control with Dynamic 6 Sport, the ideal companion for your badminton journey.

📌Comfort Meets Durability: Enjoy ultimate comfort and durability with this meticulously crafted racket, featuring a comfortable grip and sturdy construction for long-lasting performance in competitive play.

📌Sleek Appearance: Make a statement on the badminton court with the FZ FORZA Dynamic 6 Sport racket, blending distinctive style with exceptional functionality for a polished look.

📌Effortless Accessibility: Experience hassle-free access to your gear with the Dynamic 6 Sport racket, equipped with user-friendly zippers for seamless opening and closing, allowing you to focus on your game.

📌Dedicated Organization: Stay organized and match-ready with dedicated compartments in this racket, streamlining gear sorting and transportation for optimal preparation on the badminton court.

Product Specifications

Frame: Aluminium
Shaft: Steel
Weight / Grip Size: 95g-105g / G5
Balance: Head Heavy
Flex: Stiff
String Tension: 26 lbs