Drivex 1L A Strung Badminton Racket

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Weight: 5U
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The Victor DriveX 1L A Badminton Racket, the lightest in the DriveX range, offering a perfect blend of lightness and flexibility for intermediate-level players seeking all-around performance. Its easy-to-play design features a flexible shaft and a well-balanced structure, ensuring delightful handling during matches. The innovative AERO-HEX frame structure enhances stability and stroke smoothness by optimizing airflow direction. The SEVENSIX 76 grommet hole construction reduces friction between strings, preserving tension and extending string life. Elevate your game with the DriveX 1L A, a racket that delivers incredible stability and unparalleled swing smoothness, making it a top choice for your badminton pursuits.

Product Specifications

Frame Material: Graphite +Resin
Shaft Material : Graphite +Resin + 7.0 SHAFT
Weight: 5U / 6U
Grip Size: G5 6U/G5
String tension LBS: 5U:≤24 lbs(10.5Kg), 6U:≤23 lbs(10Kg)
Flex: Slightly Stiff
Balance: Even Balance
Grommets - 76