WUCHT P3 Elbow Strap Black

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The WUCHT P3 Elbow Strap offers superior ballistic support when you need explosive movement. Its unique design increases pressure on muscle groups in the wrist and forearm for improved reinforcement. With superior control and maximum comfort, you can trust the P3 Elbow Strap to take your performance to the next level.


Product Specifications

Model: WUCHT P3
Color: Black
Material Composition:
Nylon: 38%
PU: 42%
Polyester: 20%
Design: Elbow strap designed for targeted compression and support.
Purpose: Provides relief for elbow pain and discomfort during sports and activities.
High-quality fabric for durability and comfort.
Adjustable: Features an adjustable design for a customized fit and optimal compression.
Suitable For: Athletes and individuals seeking stability and comfort for their elbows during physical activities.