Thruster TK-TTY-A-4U G5 Unstrung Professional Badminton Racket-Tai Tzu Ying Collection

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Weight: 4U
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POWER BOX: The box-shaped design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque, and can stand higher string tension.

PYROFIL: PYROFIL carbon fiber and its composites, are advanced high-performance materials from Japan. The characteristic of high intensity bonds ultra-light offers racket excellent shock-absorption and enhances control.

HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY: Inspired by military helicopters, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimize material size, reinforce handling feel and performance at a critical standard.

ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM: The shaft is key to power transmission, and that’s why VICTOR has been committed to developing better shafts. Through the combination of highly resilient materials and innovative design, VICTOR has created the best shaft ever with incredible anti-torsion performance and resilience.

TRI-FORMATION: Different frame structures—including POWER-BOX, DIAMOND, AERO, and AERDYNAMIC—are rearranged and integrated based on computer simulation to optimize the hitting, frame characteristics, and overall performance.

FREE CORE: Designed by computer simulation and aided with the adoption of injection moulding technique, this revolutionized handle style allows the shaft to move more freely, which can not only make swings smoother but also improve overall handling experience.

POWER RING: The integrated force of the shaft and FREECORE creates a sturdy handling and phenomenal elasticity.

Product Specifications

Frame Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite+HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY
Shaft Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite+ PYROFIL+6.5 SHAFT
String tension LBS: 4U:≦31 lbs(14kg)
Weight / Grip Size:4U / G5
Response : Stiff ○●○○○ Flexible
Balance: Head heavy ○●○○○ Head light