P9200IIITD55-AF Support Series Professional Badminton Shoes-U Shape2.5

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Size: UK 7
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  • TRI-ARCH: The Tri-Arch support control is an arch design of the footbed based on the three arches of the foot: medial and lateral longitudinalarches and transverse arch. Tri-Arch is ergonomically designed to keep the original curvature of the three arches, which offers a more comfortable support to the sole, evenly distributes the pressure, and enables better controllability.
  • DROP-IN MIDSOLE: Drop-in midsole combined insole with midsole, not only increase its durability, but also provide more comfortable and nice support to the longitudinal and transverse arches
  • HYPER EVA: VICTOR HYPEREVA is the latest developed midsole technology that focuses on resilience and cushioning. You will be impressed by its incredible absorption, rebound performance, and how t makes the shoss both durable and lightweight

Product Specifications

Sole: VSR Rubber
Closure: Lace-Up
Fit Type: U Shape2.5
Shoe Width: Wide
Midsole :HYPEREVA ,Solid EVA
Upper : Microfiber PU Leather+ Double Mesh +V-Tough
Outsole :Rubber
SETIAWAN Appointed Footwear
Designed in soft and elastic microfiber leather
Engineered with NEO DUPLEX technology
P9200III-55 achieves a light and bouncy forefoot along with stable support for the heel
Built on VICTOR's classic series P9200
Equipped with Drop-In Midsole featuring HYPEREVA
Providing the upgraded soft and bounce wearing experience.
Other: With 55th shoes box
55th Anniversary edition