Kawasaki Kitbag KBB 8643

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Sizing guide

Discover the perfect badminton accessory with our versatile KBB 8643 Badminton Bag! This spacious badminton kitbag is designed to accommodate up to 6 rackets, featuring a dedicated shoe compartment for added convenience. Stay organized on the court with extra pockets for your phone, wallet, and other essentials. Elevate your badminton experience with the KBB 8643 Racket Bag – the best badminton kit bag with a shoe compartment for a hassle-free game. Shop online for the ideal badminton bags, including our top-rated badminton kit bag with shoe compartment. Don't miss out on the ultimate badminton bag – the KBB 8643 is the perfect choice for players who prioritize functionality and style. Grab your badminton backpack today and take your game to the next level!

📌Color Palette: Immerse yourself in the sophistication of Black and Gold, a perfect blend that speaks volumes about your style on and off the court.

📌Material Magic: Crafted with precision, the bag boasts a durable Polyester body that can withstand the rigors of intense badminton sessions. The outer layer is a seamless fusion of

📌PU leather and Polyester, providing a perfect balance of resilience and aesthetics.

📌Spacious Dimensions: The bag's generous size, measuring 720*270*200mm, offers ample space to accommodate all your badminton essentials. From rackets to shoes, everything finds its place effortlessly.

📌Shoe Compartment Delight: Say goodbye to mixed odors! The badminton kit bag comes equipped with a dedicated shoe compartment, ensuring your footwear stays separate and your bag stays fresh.

Product Specifications

Outer Material:PU leather+Polyester
Inner Material:Polyester
Bag Size:720*270*200mm