BR5010LZJ-C Badminton Backpack (Lee Zii Jia Collection)

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Introducing the BR5010LZJ-C Badminton Backpack from VICTOR x LZJ II, designed in collaboration with Malaysian player Lee Zii Jia. Featuring a bold color scheme of black and fluorescent green, this backpack embodies Lee's fearless and individualistic style. Dare to dream and elevate your game with this unique and functional backpack.

🏸The multi-functional organizer in the front pouch is good for organizing accessories. 
🏸Independent shoe bag compartment protects shoes in a convenient and tidy manner. 
🏸Independent racket compartment makes it easy to organize gear. 
🏸Airflow-mesh is used at the back to facilitate air flow and provides back comfort.

Product Specifications

Measurement(cm): 32 x 20 x 50 cm
Style: Backpack
1. Racket Compartment
2. Shoe Compartment
3. Double shoulder straps
4. Double side pocket for water bottle
5. Functional front pouch for accessories
6. Air back panel