S99 Elite-D Speed Series Professional Badminton Shoes

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Size: UK 7
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The VICTOR S99 Elite-D Badminton Shoe is a revolutionary lightweight badminton shoe constructed using NITRO-LITE technology. It is one of the lightest shoes on the market, with each foot weighing only 250g (265mm), roughly the weight of an apple. With its exceptional lightweight, the shoe is intended to revolutionize speed-oriented badminton shoes and assist players in making rapid and strong strikes.
VICTOR has always been committed to the advancement and advancement of badminton shoe technology. The ideal mix of a big JACQUARD EM top and NITRO-LITE midsole significantly decreases shoe weight and relieves muscle stress and tension, allowing for lighter footwork and improved performance. The S99ELITE's NITRO-LITE midsole is not only lightweight, but it also features fine and uniformly dispersed apertures, which makes the structure stronger after moulding and shaping than standard foaming material.
Product Specifications

Outsole : VSR Rubber
Upper : JACQUARD EM+V-Durable Plus
Outer material:PU