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Power 9X-290 Strung Attacking Badminton Racket - Blue

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Weight: 3U
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FZ FORZA, Europe's leading badminton brand headquartered in Denmark, presents a cutting-edge lineup of badminton rackets designed to elevate your game. Crafted with precision, our rackets feature a newly engineered frame, twisted nine times for enhanced durability and stiffness, ensuring minimal torsion and optimal power transfer from your arm to the shuttle. With a 290 mm racket balance, strike the perfect balance between power and control on the court. Our rackets integrate innovative technologies such as Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) developed in collaboration with Aalborg University, Denmark, providing unmatched durability and resilience compared to traditional rackets. Additionally, the use of ultra-high modulus graphite results in rackets with superior strength and stiffness, delivering precise and powerful strokes. The slim shaft design reduces air resistance during swings, allowing for faster swing speeds with minimal effort, ensuring stability and accuracy in every shot. Moreover, our hexagon frame design offers reduced air resistance and increased strength, enabling faster reactions, better control, and enhanced power. Experience the next level of badminton performance with FZ FORZA rackets, the ultimate choice for players seeking excellence and innovation.

📌Playing Level: Picture yourself stepping onto the court as a seasoned professional, ready to showcase your skills and dominate the game.

📌Weight: Feel the lightweight design of 88g empowering your every move, allowing you to maneuver swiftly and strike with precision.

📌Flexibility: With a stiffness rating of 4, experience the solid feel of the racket as it responds seamlessly to your every swing, providing the perfect balance of control and power.

📌Frame: Imagine holding the 40T graphite racket, reinforced with Titanium and CNT U-HM, its frame meticulously twisted nine times for enhanced durability and stiffness, ensuring it withstands the intensity of your game.

📌Power: Harness the immense power rating of 10, tailored for offensive players like yourself, empowering you to unleash thunderous smashes and dominate your opponents.

📌Tension: Picture the strings of your racket meticulously tensioned between 22-30lbs, ready to deliver explosive shots with maximum accuracy and control, making every shot count.

Product Specifications

Important note: Kitbag not Inculded
Frame: 40T Kevlar Reinforced CNT U-HM
Shaft: 40T Reinforced CNT U-HM
Weight / Grip Size: 3U (85-89) / G5
Balance: Head Heavy
Style: Attacking
Flex: Stiff
String Tension: 30 lbs
Holes: 88