HyperNano X 090 Strung Badminton Racket

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Weight: 3U
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This is the new HyperNano X 090 High Tension Series Badminton racket from Victor, featuring a lightweight and stiff shaft, with combined upper frame and top cap construction for added strength. The racket offers a well balanced feel, ideal for all-round players who want to produce high speed shots on the front and back of the string bed. The 6.8mm thickness has been optimised for modern performance graphite racquets to ensure optimum vibration dampening and maximum power transfer through the shaft when smashing or executing smashes or drops.
Product Specifications

Material: Graphite + Resin
Shaft Material: Graphite + Resin
Frame Material: Graphite + Resin
Balance: Even Balanced
Shaft Flexibility: Stiff
Weight: 3U/G5 and 4U/G5
Grip Size (3U/G5 version): G5 (7.62 cm)
Weight (3U/G5 version): 85 grams
String Tension (3U/G5 version): 33 lbs (pounds)
String Tension (4U/G5 version): 31 lbs (pounds)

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