Force F9 Unstrung Badminton Racket (Cyan)

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Play your game with the Force F9 Unstrung Badminton Racket (Cyan). Crafted for advanced players, this top-of-the-line racket features high modulus graphite for strength and durability. The high tension support ensures improved control, complemented by Kawasaki's ADAPTIVE BALANCE CONTROL SYSTEM for swift offensive and defensive maneuvers. Lightweight and unstrung, this professional racket offers even balance, making it an ideal choice for players at all skill levels. Receive a free stylish bag for easy transportation and experience peak performance with the Force F9.

🏸Cutting-Edge Construction: Our Badminton racket boasts a Frame & Rod made of 30T+40T High Modulus Graphite, ensuring durability and top-tier performance.

🏸Adaptable Flexibility: Engineered with high flexibility, seamlessly adjusting to advanced playing styles for a fluid gaming experience.

🏸Feather-Light Sensation: Weighing just 88±1g, this badminton marvel offers a lightweight feel, complemented by a G1 handle size for a comfortable grip.

🏸Tailored for Pros: An elite choice for those at the pinnacle of their game, specifically designed for advanced and professional players.

🏸Tension Customization: Enjoy Tension Mastery with adaptable levels ranging from 18-30 lbs, allowing players to fine-tune their racket for a personalized playing experience.

Product Specifications

Frame & Rod: 30T+40T High Modulus Graphite
Flexibility: High
Weight: 88±1g & Handle Size : G1
Ideal For: Advanced & Professional
Tension level: 18-32 lbs