Explore 1550 Unstrung Badminton Racket

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Color: Orange
Weight: 3U
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Discover the power of precision with the EXPLORE 1550 (UNSTRUNG) – a dynamic and lightweight badminton racket engineered for exceptional performance. Crafted with 100% Graphite, this professional-grade racket guarantees unmatched strength and durability, ensuring it stands the test of intense matches. The optimized length of 675+1mm extends your reach and enhances the force behind every swing, giving you the edge on the court. With a G1 handle size, experience an optimal grip that provides stability and control, empowering you to explore new heights in your badminton journey.

Product Specifications

Frame: 100% Graphite
Rod: 100% Graphite
Racket wight: 84+2
Handle Size: G1
Length: 675+1mm
Tension: 24+2lbs