Arrow Speed 660 G5 Untsrung Badminton Racket

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Weight: 3U
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 Victor Arrow Speed 660 Badminton Racquets boast a medium-solid construction that helps when serving powerful shots or volleys. Crafted with a Graphite+Resin+7.0 SHAFT pole and Graphite+Resin casing, this 675 mm racket boasts an isometric head shape that offers a large sweet spot for maximum power control. Victor Technology's AeroDynamic elliptically-shaped section reduces air resistance, boosts anti-torque, and increases the speed of return shots. Even greater control is ensured with NANO TEC, a technology that evenly distributes nano-sized particles between carbon fiber bundles for increased frame stiffness and reduced distortion.


Product Specifications

Shaft Material: HI TECH GRAPHITE+NANO TEC+6.8mm
Frame Material: HI TECH GRAPHITE
String Tension : 31lbs
Shaft Stiffness: Flexible Weight/Grip Size: 4U/G5
Weight/Grip Size: 3U(85-89.9gm) 4U(80-84.9gm) / G5