Wucht P8 Strung Badminton Racket (Raw White)

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The Wucht P8 is Adidas’ strongest, most powerful technologically advanced racket.  This flagship racket was designed for the advanced to professional player who is all about offense.  It is ideal for all heavy hitters in Singles, Doubles and Mixed play.  The shaft stiff to very stiff and power very accessible.  We love this racket’s durability, stability and generous sweet spot.  If you want the ultimate attacking racket look no further, the Wucht P8 is it
Product Specifications

Shaft Material: Toray 46T Hot Melt Carbon Fiber
Frame Material: Toray 46T Hot Melt Carbon Fiber
String tension: ≤ 32lbs
Weight / Grip Size: 84gms/G5
Stiffness: S●○○○○F
Balance: Head Heavy