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Mastering Badminton: The Essential 3 Grips You Need to Know
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Mastering Badminton: The Essential 3 Grips You Need to Know

The badminton grip may seem insignificant to many, but to professional players, it makes a world of a difference. It can literally help you get a grip on your badminton game.

In this blog, let’s discuss the types of badminton grips available in the market and the purposes of each product.

Badminton Grip Big Three!

  1. Rubber Grip
  2. Towel Grip
  3. Over-Grip

    Rubber Badminton Grip

    The most common badminton grip of all, it usually comes together with a new racket when bought.

    However, the original rubber badminton grip that comes together with the racket is usually of low quality as most manufacturers expect players to replace them anyway. It is highly recommended that you change the default grip as not only does it slip easily, it also does not glue very well to the racket shaft.

    Good rubber badminton grips are usually made of synthetic rubbers, such as polyurethane or PU.

    Some rubber grips are more spongy than others. They can also be stretched or not during the tying process to alter the girth of the grip. 

    Rubber badminton grips are great if:

    • You don’t have sweaty palms
    • You don’t want your grip to smell
    • You like squishy things (rubber grips can be the squishiest)
    • You just don’t care (most easily available hassle-free grip)

      Towel Badminton Grip

      Usually made with synthetic rubber fused with an outer layer of cotton or other synthetic absorbent cloths, the towel badminton grip is an excellent choice for absorbing sweat.

      However, inferior variations of towel badminton grips can be thick and heavy. The cloth may also stop absorbing sweat after a while, becoming stiff and uncomfortable. Selection matters!

      It is a great badminton grip if:

      • You like furry stuff
      • You have a sweaty palm

      Not so great if:

      • You hate furry stuff
      • You don’t want your bag and grip to smell
      • You like very squishy grips

      Badminton Over grip

      Uber thin versions of the rubber badminton grips, badminton overgrips are very thin and stretchy, offering maximal customization.

      As the name suggests, an overgrip is a badminton grip that is usually wrapped over a replacement badminton grip or an original badminton grip (not suggested, the whole grip might just come off due to the inferior hold of the original grip on the racket shaft). Of course, wrapping it over a towel grip is just madness, don’t do it.

      However, it is seen that professional players simply wrap multiple overgrips over the racket shaft.

      The reason why badminton overgrips are the most customizable is that they can be wrapped multiple times to your desired thickness at the desired areas of the racket shaft. They can also be replaced at a relatively low price.

      However, the thin material lacks the sponginess that some badminton grips can offer, it wears and tears quickly, and also requires the player to have a good understanding of how to tie grips so that they can offer the benefits mentioned above.

      A great badminton grip if:

      • You are great at tying grips yourself
      • You know the exact girth you like
      • You like a customizable option

      Not so good if:

      • Sweaty palms
      • Strong love for furry stuff

      Choosing the right badminton grip is only the first step in enhancing your playing experience. You also have to learn how to tie or request that the badminton grip is tied to your preferred girth at the right places. Proper grip tying ensures that your racket feels secure and comfortable in your hand, providing the best control during play.

      The right grip, properly tied, can prevent blisters and reduce slippage, especially during intense matches. It also enhances your ability to execute precise shots and transitions, giving you a competitive edge. Remember, the grip is an extension of your hand and an essential part of your equipment. By paying attention to this detail, you can significantly improve your game. 

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