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How Victor is going in the direction of becoming the world number one in badminton gear
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How Victor is going in the direction of becoming the world number one in badminton gear

In the dynamic world of badminton gear, Victor has been a dominant force in the ever-changing badminton gear market, overtaking its competitor. Comparing the years 2023 to 2024, Victor's presence in major badminton tournaments has significantly overshadowed its rivals, marking a turning point in the industry. 

Tournaments Across the Globe

Badminton isn't just any sport; it's a worldwide sensation, with tournaments held in countries all around the globe. From China to Indonesia, Malaysia to India, Korea to Taiwan, Japan to Denmark, and Thailand, badminton captivates players and fans alike. And in each of these nations, Victor is leaving its imprint, establishing itself as a premier provider of badminton gear. By meeting the requirements of players in various environments and cultures, Victor is solidifying its standing as a world leader in badminton gear.

Unlocking the Innovation: Victor's Special Edition Rackets

Innovation is at the heart of Victor's success story. Victor is introducing special edition rackets like the Hello Kitty, Shinchan, Spider man, and Marvel-themed series. These unique offerings have captivated customers worldwide, setting Victor apart from its competitors, who lack such diverse and appealing collections.

Advance Technology By Victor:

Victor is at the forefront of badminton technology, continuously innovating to enhance player performance. Here’s a closer look at their advanced technologies:

Hypereva Midsole: Hypereva offers superior softness, durability, and performance compared to ordinary EVA. This innovative midsole material is lightweight, elastic, and pressure-resistant, providing a comfortable and supportive fit.

NitroLite Midsole: Victor's NITROLITE technology revolutionises traditional midsoles. By infusing EVA embryos with supercritical N2, the resulting material is 30% lighter, 28% more elastic, and 40% more resistant to compression than regular EVA. This eco-friendly process also eliminates the need for chemical foaming agents, enhancing strength and durability.

Free Core Technology: Developed over three years, Victor's FREE CORE synthetic handle technology features a golden-ratio hollow suspension structure, increasing shaft flexibility and improving control. This breakthrough design significantly enhances racket handling and responsiveness, offering players unmatched performance on the court.

Victor's advanced technologies ensure their badminton gear delivers exceptional comfort, durability, and precision, helping players perform at their best.

Champions' Choice: Top Players as Brand Ambassadors

In the world of badminton, top players like Lee Zii Jia (World No. 10 in men's singles), Anders Antonsen (World No. 4 in men's singles), Prannoy HS (World No. 9 in men's singles), Tai Tzu Ying (World No. 5 in women's singles), and Ashwini Ponappa (World No. 21 in women's doubles) love using Victor's gear.

When these top players choose Victor, it's like giving it a big thumbs-up. It shows that Victor's gear is top-notch and really performs well. Plus, when fans see their favourite players using Victor, it makes them trust the brand even more.

So, when you see these famous players rocking Victor gear on the court, you know it's because they believe in its quality. And that's why Victor is all about excellence and making the best badminton gear out there!

Strategic Alliances: Victor's Reach Strengthens

The signing of the Padukone Sports Management, Bangalore, and the Hatsun Badminton Centre with Victor marks a significant partnership in Indian badminton. Padukone Sports Management, founded by legendary player Prakash Padukone and Hatsun Badminton Centre is renowned for its excellence in training aspiring athletes. By teaming up with Victor, these academies ensure access to top-quality gear and resources, further enhancing the development of players under their coaching. With Rithvik Sanjeevi and Nicholas Nathan as brand ambassadors for Hatsun Badminton Centre, Victor's commitment to supporting aspiring athletes is stronger than ever.

Moreover, Victor's recognition as the Official Equipment Partner of the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals underscores its status as a leading brand in the sport. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) were thrilled to announce VICTOR as the Official Equipment Partner of the prestigious season-ending HSBC BWF World Tour Finals from 2023 to 2026.

Since 2009, VICTOR has been working closely with the Korea National Badminton Team, forming an official partnership to support their players. As part of their commitment to the sport, VICTOR also stepped up as the title sponsor for the prestigious BWF Korea Open.  

In 2015, they expanded their reach by becoming the official partner and equipment supplier for both the Malaysia National Badminton Team and the BWF Malaysia Open. VICTOR further strengthened its presence in the badminton world by partnering with Badminton Denmark and the BWF Denmark Open. 

But their global engagement didn't end there. They teamed up with the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee to outfit Team Chinese Taipei in international multi-sport events. Their commitment to supporting badminton continued in 2022 when they became the official equipment partner for the BWF Team Champions, which includes the prestigious Thomas, Uber Cup, and Sudirman Cup tournaments.

In celebration of the 55th anniversary of the VICTOR brand, the company and its athletes appeared on the billboard in Times Square, New York City.

Tournament Wins: Victor's Presence on the Grand Stage

Victor's commitment to the badminton community extends beyond just providing gear – it's about supporting major tournaments and grassroots initiatives alike. In 2022 and 2024, Victor stepped up as the sponsor for the prestigious BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, demonstrating its dedication to the sport's premier events. In these master tournaments, Victor's high-quality Master ACE shuttlecocks are used, ensuring top performance on the court.

Additionally, Victor has been entrusted with supplying the BWF Sudirman Cup in 2023 and 2025, showcasing its ongoing partnership with the Badminton World Federation.

The brand has also played a crucial role in events like the ORLEANS MASTERS BADMINTON and the Madrid Spain Masters in 2024, presented by HSBC BWF.  Victor's sponsorship makes these competitions successful, providing a stage for exposing talent and encouraging international competition.

Furthermore, Victor's cooperation with Badminton Oceania demonstrates his dedication to developing the sport at the grassroots level. 

The announcement of the renewal of this partnership, spanning from 2024 to 2027, confirms Victor's dedication to supporting the growth of badminton at all levels. As the official Shuttle Time equipment, apparel, and shuttle partner, Victor's support extends to initiatives aimed at introducing badminton to new players and communities.

In addition, Victor retains the naming rights for the Oceania Championships, including individual, team, and Para Badminton Championships. This demonstrates Victor's commitment to promoting inclusivity within the sport and supporting players of all abilities.

Through its involvement in major tournaments and grassroots initiatives, Victor continues to make significant contributions to the global badminton community, ensuring that the sport thrives at every level.

As Victor continues its journey towards becoming the world number one in badminton gear globally, its unwavering dedication to innovation, excellence, and community engagement sets it apart as a true champion in the world of sports equipment.

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